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  1. Arcade Lead One

    Arcade Lead One

  2. The Warmth

    The Warmth

  3. Hello Beep

    Hello Beep

  4. Warpy Saw Pad

    Warpy Saw Pad

  5. 80s Teen Pad

    80s Teen Pad

  6. Floaty Wobble

    Floaty Wobble

  7. Broken Sine

    Broken Sine

  8. Square Wave Symphony

    Square Wave Symphony

  9. Simple Analog Lead

    Simple Analog Lead

  10. Sync Lead

    Sync Lead

  11. Saw Lead

    Saw Lead

  12. Bubble Punch

    Bubble Punch

  13. Micro Computer

    Micro Computer

  14. FM Sweetness

    FM Sweetness

  15. Mandolin Universe

    Mandolin Universe

  16. Frozen Kalimba

    Frozen Kalimba

  17. Cosmic Cello

    Cosmic Cello

  18. Soliloquy


  19. Fuzzy Strings

    Fuzzy Strings

  20. Sine & Saw

    Sine & Saw

  21. Arcadatron


  22. Soft Outlaw

    Soft Outlaw

  23. Digital Shorts

    Digital Shorts

  24. FM String Thing

    FM String Thing

  25. Quaint Shorts

    Quaint Shorts

  26. Harpsichord


  27. Lil' Triangles

    Lil' Triangles

  28. Brassy Analog Strings

    Brassy Analog Strings

  29. Sine Hollows

    Sine Hollows

  30. Dawn Chorus

    Dawn Chorus

  31. Lil' Wizard

    Lil' Wizard

  32. Muted Synth Strings

    Muted Synth Strings

  33. Outlaw Arps

    Outlaw Arps

  34. FM Goblins

    FM Goblins

  35. Spooky Presence

    Spooky Presence

  36. Superb Saw Wave

    Superb Saw Wave

  37. Digibell Pad

    Digibell Pad

  38. Razor Wire

    Razor Wire

  39. Outlaw Blips

    Outlaw Blips

  40. Bowed Girder

    Bowed Girder

  41. Pretty Square Pluck

    Pretty Square Pluck

  42. Koa Ukulele Stretched Pads

    Koa Ukulele Stretched Pads

  43. Triang-U-Like


  44. Lil’ Square Wave

    Lil’ Square Wave

  45. Dusty Keys

    Dusty Keys

  46. Muted Synth Strings

    Muted Synth Strings

  47. Kinetic Sawtooth

    Kinetic Sawtooth

  48. Swarm Of Bees

    Swarm Of Bees


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