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  1. Ancient Temple Scene Exit

    Ancient Temple Scene Exit

  2. Destination Post

    Destination Post

  3. Race Start Gate

    Race Start Gate

  4. Fan


  5. Bounce Pad

    Bounce Pad

  6. Hazard Cube

    Hazard Cube

  7. Race Finish Gate

    Race Finish Gate

  8. Boost Pad

    Boost Pad

  9. Checkpoint


  10. Ancient Temple Scene Entrance

    Ancient Temple Scene Entrance

  11. Speed Pick-Up

    Speed Pick-Up

  12. Double Jump Pick-Up

    Double Jump Pick-Up

  13. Welcome Home Scene Exit

    Welcome Home Scene Exit

  14. Welcome Home Scene Entrance

    Welcome Home Scene Entrance

  15. Orange Goal

    Orange Goal

  16. Blue Goal

    Blue Goal

  17. Goal Target

    Goal Target

  18. Cone Ball Dispenser

    Cone Ball Dispenser

  19. Score Pick-Up

    Score Pick-Up

  20. Timeout Pick-Up

    Timeout Pick-Up

  21. Score Target

    Score Target

  22. Timeout Target

    Timeout Target

  23. Horizontally Moving Platform

    Horizontally Moving Platform

  24. Floating text

    Floating text

  25. Vertically Moving Platform

    Vertically Moving Platform

  26. Welcome Home Bounce Pad

    Welcome Home Bounce Pad

  27. Ancient Temple Score Pickup

    Ancient Temple Score Pickup

  28. Ancient Temple Checkpoint

    Ancient Temple Checkpoint

  29. Ancient Temple Fan

    Ancient Temple Fan

  30. Firework


  31. Balloon


  32. Smashable Barrier Disc

    Smashable Barrier Disc

  33. Welcome Home Fan

    Welcome Home Fan

  34. Welcome Home Hazard Cube

    Welcome Home Hazard Cube

  35. Ball Dispenser

    Ball Dispenser

  36. Ancient Temple Score Counter

    Ancient Temple Score Counter

  37. Portal exit

    Portal exit

  38. Welcome Home Checkpoint

    Welcome Home Checkpoint

  39. Spinning Battle Tops - 4 Pack

    Spinning Battle Tops - 4 Pack

  40. Exit Door

    Exit Door

  41. Battle Tops Level Template

    Battle Tops Level Template

  42. Spiral Klunker

    Spiral Klunker

  43. Battle Tops - Powerup Manager

    Battle Tops - Powerup Manager

  44. Vertical Moving Platform

    Vertical Moving Platform

  45. Sonic Ring with Classic Sound

    Sonic Ring with Classic Sound

  46. Sonic end level signpost (working)

    Sonic end level signpost (working)

  47. PS4 Controller interactive (+ effects)

    PS4 Controller interactive (+ effects)

  48. Ancient Temple Button

    Ancient Temple Button


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