Terminator T800 Skull Showcase


  • Liquid_snake14
    Liquid_snake14 left a review
    5 months ago
  • mistervista
    mistervista left a review
    Brilliant sculpt
    6 months ago
  • akincibey71
    akincibey71 left a review
    Looks better than terminator resistance
    8 months ago
  • paul07-_
    paul07-_ left a review
    Amazing Detail.
    11 months ago
  • Wen-Di-Go
    Wen-Di-Go left a review
    A thing of beauty! Really shows off the attention to detail in the model
    a year ago
  • MrOobleck
    MrOobleck left a review
    Crazy awesome, nice work!
    a year ago
  • JimmyJ75
    JimmyJ75 left a review
    That was awesome!!
    a year ago

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