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A forum post by DDAlatri

Hi MM - Same issue as robertshere and StarTheFox, I am playing on a PS5 and it seems to have started adding a lot to graphics cost now (i.e. graphics cost when testing the performance, not the graphics thermo) since the TLC5 update, when before I didn't notice any change to graphics cost at all. I am getting very slight frame rate drops on the PS5 following it

It is always in areas with sticker mode textures using the Text Displayer, but only happened after TLC5 (hence assuming it's connected to the sticker issue).

Areas in scenes which were 0% graphics cost on the performance test are now shooting up to as much as 20% graphics cost after the update, and always areas with sticker textures applied. It's really unusual for the graphics cost in performance to go above 0 or single digits when testing on a PS5, so I'm worried whether scenes I made on the PS5 might now play worse on PS4 following the update.

Hope the description is helpful, thanks.

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