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A forum post by RickyV300

Hi there Dreamers, RickyV300 again.
Have you guys played Among Us?
I’ve been making a Dreams version of it for my own amusement.

I’m currently working on an awesome Among Us puppet by SurpriseFinger

Basically the problem I am having is I want to make the little space dude have a “Hop” while he is walking in animation. Now if I simply edit the key frame in the timeline and make his body go upwards, he wigs out and flies away and breaks the walking animation all together. I’ve tried scoping in and editing the different pieces but it usually makes no difference.

I also tried making the model squashy and bouncy either all together or only during key frames and that was weird.

Maybe my problem is I am working on other people’s designs... 😅

If you’ve played Among Us, you’ll kinda get the “Bounce” I’m looking for with this puppet. If anyone has tips I would appreciate it!

Thanks again. My last need for advice was solved perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.

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