Sonic Puppet (wip?)

By TwineApple

  • wrabies
    wrabies left a review
    Gorgeous!! This is the 3D Sonic we deserved all these years.
    a month ago
  • a_purple_octopus
    a_purple_octopus left a review
    You did a great job, keep it up!!
    8 months ago
  • keenan080800
    keenan080800 left a review
    I gotta be honest... so far out of all the sonic puppet's... this is one of my favorite sonic puppet I've experience to play! my favorite part about it is hold X to jump on a ledge , i love that part! its given this Sonic CD feel... & i like it! ;^)
    8 months ago
  • IcePhoenix00130
    IcePhoenix00130 left a review
    Stopping animations too! 🌟 great work here
    8 months ago
  • DaKoRnMaN
    DaKoRnMaN left a review
    Best sonic I've seen
    9 months ago
  • YoYoSwitch
    YoYoSwitch left a review
    Looks and moves a lot like Toei's version. Nice work
    9 months ago
  • UseableHamburger
    UseableHamburger left a review
    Great work, honestly the best sonic puppet I've seen... And I can definitely relate with the whole "Your own work gives you a headache" thing XD
    9 months ago

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