Allie - WIP

By Tyldove

  • CoTy-Y
    CoTy-Y left a review
    Cool midget!
    a year ago
  • Dante_Ine
    Dante_Ine left a review
    Nice work.
    a year ago
  • Serpula
    Serpula left a review
    So cool!
    a year ago
  • Cold_Spectre
    Cold_Spectre left a review
    This is really good work!
    a year ago
  • RyansDreamBox
    RyansDreamBox left a review
    She is such a nice character. Somehow it seems she belongs in Silent Hill.
    a year ago
  • Ste4lth4csS
    Ste4lth4csS left a review
    Perfect, great animations aswell
    a year ago
  • ruolbu
    ruolbu left a review
    That is just perfect use of character design to hide the gaps. Lovely character.
    a year ago
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