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Controllable Ball Character

By MmOfficial

  • funkyrunky81212-
    funkyrunky81212- noticed a bug
    a year ago
    Every time I fall on lava, it seems like nothing just happened at all and that it's just ground. I get the same thing everytime.
  • Regal-Ragamuffin
    Regal-Ragamuffin noticed a bug
    3 years ago
    Le gasp! One of your Nodes is mislabeled Mm. The one that should say "Jump Height" says "Top Speed" instead. Also, "Makes Jump More Forgiving" is quite ambiguous.
  • Edge_SanGral
    Edge_SanGral noticed a bug
    3 years ago
    Ehh, It's broken. There is no floor in the air like normally, it falls very deep until you can barely see it. Testing isn't possible.

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