Test city and fighter

By grudgesicle

  • DEADeyeJED1
    DEADeyeJED1 left some feedback
    I am digging the update! It feels real nice. I love games like this. May i suggest maybe adding a cave network under the city? Since the controls are tight it could be fun. Just an idea i thought would be cool. Im keeping an eye on this project. Good work!
    a year ago
  • Regal-Ragamuffin
    Regal-Ragamuffin left some feedback
    This has excellent mechanics . The ship looks great. I think it should be faster and more responsive though. It's well designed but not quite engaging... Yet.
    a year ago
  • R-Doman
    R-Doman left some feedback
    If you scale down the vehicle, it'd be easier to fly through the gaps in the buildings
    a year ago

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