Runner-up in the community jam: 'Robots'

Zomborg MK1

By Typhus667 and 2 collaborators

    DJBEATBOX1991 left a review
    This would be kool in future of residentel evil great job
    4 months ago
  • TheRexPistols
    TheRexPistols left a review
    A beautiful monstrosity!
    5 months ago
  • A-Station781
    A-Station781 left a review
    Would be a good boss.
    6 months ago
  • quentinpodo
    quentinpodo left a review
    Amazing :)
    6 months ago
  • qdeanc
    qdeanc left a review
    I love the arms \o/
    11 months ago
  • MitsurugiRules
    MitsurugiRules left a review
    I absolutely loved it
    a year ago
  • bobula_13
    bobula_13 left a review
    Fantastic design
    a year ago
  • AbdelKhaliq
    AbdelKhaliq left a review
    I am impressed by the gameplay-controls: when changing direction he does so slowly in a natural way fitting to the character.
    a year ago
  • FarleyWasGod
    FarleyWasGod left a review
    Your work looks amazing. The detail is so impressive. From the mechanical complexity of the frame to it's rotting fleshy core, it all just popped. Bonus points for the way the zombie arms flopped about and the look on his face was priceless.
    a year ago
  • NadaSleep
    NadaSleep left a review
    Good stuff! Stay creepy.
    a year ago
  • clumzyninja101
    clumzyninja101 left a review
    This thing is disgusting and I love it
    a year ago
  • Eroottine
    Eroottine left a review
    Very cool!!!
    a year ago
  • realbano
    realbano left a review
    a year ago
  • Gmork-6
    Gmork-6 left a review
    Holy smokes!!! One of the most detailed pro looking characters ive seen, great job!
    a year ago
  • SPliT-xSEcoND
    SPliT-xSEcoND left a review
    The detail on this thing is amazing
    a year ago
  • marcilein98
    marcilein98 left a review
    Wow! Nice!
    a year ago
  • iBubek
    iBubek left a review
    Very nice model! I had a go at making the animations feel more weighty and believable
    a year ago
  • Fleckromancer
    Fleckromancer left a review
    a year ago
  • marcilein98
    marcilein98 left a review
    So much detail! Wish the camera wasn't so close to the character so i could see all its beauty!
    a year ago
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