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The Quest For Cheese 3

By kianbroom

  • FoxTrot2097
    FoxTrot2097 left a review
    2 weeks ago
    The Quest for Cheese 3 truly is a masterpiece, a tragic story of a man who doesnt have cheese, and so, he embarks on a spiritual journey for cheeese, with the help of many familiar faces, Wallace defeats the karen-a-Virus, and finally, he gets his cheese.
  • AyyRobo
    AyyRobo left a review
    4 weeks ago
    I laughed, cried and screamed (without the s)
  • GrizzlingBread
    GrizzlingBread left a review
    a month ago
    That was amazing!
  • ChRoNuS_
    ChRoNuS_ left a review
    2 months ago
    The saga continues
  • RoastyXD-_-
    RoastyXD-_- left a review
    5 months ago
    Picking the dark ending is worse than picking superman in injustice 2, CHANGE MY MIND
  • BiTBoT100
    BiTBoT100 left a review
    5 months ago
    Better trilogy then the mario cartoons
  • Askew-Squid
    Askew-Squid left a review
    6 months ago
    I love these games with all of my heart
  • slowBY071
    slowBY071 left a review
    6 months ago
    Part 4 pls!
  • ArtiePineMouse
    ArtiePineMouse left a review
    8 months ago
    Omg thats awesome! Ending is the best XD
  • Paus-Benedictus
    Paus-Benedictus left a review
    10 months ago
    A f@#%€$@ masterpiece and with a lot of emotional twists.
  • King-BigWeld
    King-BigWeld left a review
    10 months ago
    Easily the worst in the series
  • Gonzo7166
    Gonzo7166 left a review
    11 months ago
    More Wallace and Grommit cheese
  • FaberEstMortis
    FaberEstMortis left a review
    a year ago
    After playing the entire series of QFC and revisiting the 1st i felt very indifferent. The games are fine but the over exsess of memes dates this horribly. I should know i helped make populer some of the memes. At the end of the day its ok level.
  • Sackinator3000
    Sackinator3000 left a review
    a year ago
    The game was overall solid, lots of random moments, but the platforming is kinda repetitive.
  • WarMom_PT
    WarMom_PT left a review
    a year ago
    Kinda wish I hadn't bothered.
  • a year ago
    Comment deleted
  • sara490
    sara490 left a review
    a year ago
  • nightmaredw1234
    nightmaredw1234 left a review
    a year ago
    This is a decent game its filled with tons of platforming
    So uf you dont like parkour dont play it
    But besides that the jokes were funny and the locations look prety good
    Though the game barley made sense
  • Joy-168
    Joy-168 left a review
    a year ago

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