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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
Runner-up in the coMmunity jam: '森の秘密'


By Cyber_Sheep_Film and 7 collaborators

  • BlackPhantom1394
    BlackPhantom1394 left a review
    5 days ago
    Rabbit and boy aka Last of Us rabbit edition. Great work
  • Kid1stJunky
    Kid1stJunky left a review
    2 weeks ago
    GG it's very nice!!!
  • ReDragone96
    ReDragone96 left a review
    4 weeks ago
    Nice work
    BLZE__DRAGON left a review
    a month ago
    Jaw dropping! Kudos to the entire team!
  • AllTooEasy_
    AllTooEasy_ left a review
    4 months ago
    Amazing work
  • aideen03
    aideen03 left a review
    5 months ago
    My favorite project on dream so far 10/10!!
  • trompetero_97
    trompetero_97 left a review
    7 months ago
    The fight sequence has brilliant animations. All the actions were so realistic and the special use of the camera gives more power to the movements.
  • warlord2080
    warlord2080 left a review
    7 months ago
    A cinematic piece about loss in a cruel world. The cinematic is top notch as if you think you weren't watching on dreams. With some comedy piece as well as action in it this film deserves more parts and its one of the best i've seen so far.
  • NeedBrains
    NeedBrains left a review
    9 months ago
    Amazing short film my gf is crying for the bunny 10/10
  • Xone2343
    Xone2343 left a review
    10 months ago
    This is a dreamverse cinematic masterpiece!
  • JPlastik
    JPlastik left a review
    a year ago
  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a review
    a year ago
    Vai Corinthians
  • Vantidus
    Vantidus left a review
    a year ago
    Nice one
  • Judge_Nicotine
    Judge_Nicotine left a review
    a year ago
    The Last of Us...with a rabbit! Well done!
  • Qwertikson
    Qwertikson left a review
    a year ago
    Brilliant, I like sceneries and characters. Nice work
  • Mehdi_12345
    Mehdi_12345 left a review
    a year ago
    Very well made!
  • a year ago
    Comment deleted

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