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"The mass solution to a problem is usually the easiest one." - GLaDOS, Portal 2 (2011)
(NO FNAF) Scenery and set designer, prop builder, logic master, casual audio engineer.
Instagram: the.pixelizer

Welcome to my indreams page, where I can spew out disclaimers before you just start blindly interacting with me!

  1. I have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY when it comes to being mean. Anyone, ANYONE, caught being rude, hateful or toxic anywhere on my profile will be blocked and reported. No hesitation.

  2. Please don't send me elements, scenes or dreams of any kind, I will not play them because 95% of the ones I get are not good. Especially if they have to do with FNaF. If I see even a MENTION of FNaF in my notifications you will be blocked, whether you send me a crappy fangame or use any of my sounds in it.

If you cannot handle my apparently wrong opinion, please leave and forget about my existence. Don't set off a nuclear bomb before you go and massacre thousands of my braincells, just zip it and leave in peace. Currently I have 80+ people blocked. Please do not become a nameless number in my "whiny edgy children" list. It's cold in there.

...Anyway, enjoy the art.

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