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hey i'm makenzie, that british moron who makes crap
YT: SupermouseYT

Film Theory: We FOUND The SIMPS...

hey there so for whatever reason you've decided to look at my account on that's cool ig lol should probably tell ya more about myself then

so uh my name's makenzie, i'm a 13 year old british guy with aspergers who's obsessed with sonic the hedgehog and has been making utter garbage here on dreams since April 2020. I mostly make animations, models and occasionally have a big project I'm working on, usually with my pals. I do a bit of importing as well however I only do requests for people I know, so if you're some rando ive never talked to in my life don't expect me to import stuff for ya pal. You don't necessarily need to ask permission to use my stuff or even credit me, credit would be nice tho lol. Anyways, have a wonderful day.

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