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| I'm Sparky / Zack / M / 19
| Infamous creator of things, none of them happy
| Music producer, vocalist, writer
| Most recent: SparkyPricc - EXULANSIS (/amaranthine hollows/)
| Listen to my IRL stuff, search "Rewritten Verdict"
| Aspire to inspire, not be Adrian

ᛊ | ᚺ | ᛚ

I'm a music producer, vocalist and writer. I originally come from LBP and so, if we're taking that into account, I've been fiddling around with music production for nearly 10 years, at the time of writing this (08/14/2020).

I don't aim to please, I don't aim to comfort. What I create is all 110% me and I'd have it no other way. My stuff is dark, it's visceral, it will most likely scare you or hit at places you've never even knew existed.

I do a lot, a huge extensive amount of research into all kinds of different things that go on to inspire my music and mold its sound. Stuff ranging from mythologies, various religious stories and cultures, to demonology and cultism, to books and articles about the mind and its processes, to just plain and simply other artists themselves.

However, I don't plan on creating much on here. If I do, it will be a such a snails pace I might as well not be making anything at all. I make my music outside of Dreams, in the actual industry. I'll only really ever come on this game to make something that aims to get some kind of reaction out of people, whether it be good or bad or both, out of spite that others can't do it themselves. I aim to push boundaries and what can be, and what should be allowed to be expressible.

That means just about every single piece of work that I make will most likely be designed to hurt, disturb, or depress you.

You can find me on just about any platform if you want to keep up with me and where my life takes me. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, all are named SparkyPricc (but with a "k" instead of an extra "c" because bad word bad).

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