• Jairomelofit
    Jairomelofit left a comment
    Ganhando troféu
    2 weeks ago
  • DraagonLizzard
    DraagonLizzard left a comment
    Hey can you help me
    3 weeks ago
  • funkyrunky81212-
    funkyrunky81212- left a comment
    a month ago
  • Dr_Prophet_007
    Dr_Prophet_007 left a comment
    Trophy hunter here!
    a month ago
  • GingerPadders
    GingerPadders left a comment
    a month ago
  • WADDO_96
    WADDO_96 left a comment
    2 months ago
  • scHniX_23
    scHniX_23 left a comment
    2 months ago
  • YamiKage--
    YamiKage-- left a comment
    I love this, any chance you can add a max destiny 2 sensitivity
    2 months ago
  • MarioAWolf
    MarioAWolf left a comment
    Amazing! I love this trainer, Great job!
    3 months ago
  • tensazangestu
    tensazangestu left a comment
    3 months ago
  • Goat471
    Goat471 left a comment
    Thanks :D
    3 months ago
  • llIIllIlIlIlIlIx
    llIIllIlIlIlIlIx left a comment
    thank you for making this it's really helpful
    3 months ago
  • OrzelPL
    OrzelPL left a comment
    4 months ago
  • Funkyboyrs
    Funkyboyrs left a comment
    4 months ago
  • Nova_Yujiro
    Nova_Yujiro left a comment
    R6 player here I feel like you need to ads(aim down sights) For R6 players I really love everything I just want to practice with ads or find what works for please and you sir :)))
    4 months ago
  • Kite_Gaming
    Kite_Gaming left a comment
    how about a update where you can use triggers instead of bumper
    4 months ago
  • Comment deleted
  • WindowsCOREi5
    WindowsCOREi5 left a comment
    bro, try to put a lower deadzone please, im used to kovaks i will send you a feedbak in your yt videos. Thats an increadible work in dreams!!
    5 months ago

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