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In 2012,
I fell while hiking a difficult trail & fully dislocated my shoulder. I was incapacitated, & alone.
Conquer events like this in our upcoming Survivor Sim!

Hello inDreamers!

The Survivor simulator project is shaping up to be something very special. A demo will be released when the core gameplay is closer to completion.

Shout-out to my amazing collaborators on this big project: IansaneArtist  - Level Design Ted_Rainbow  - Puppet Design pierogi-boi  - Logic & Gameplay

If you're interested in helping, that's great! I want to keep the team as small as possible, but if you have a passion for mastering a certain component of game design, it's very possible we need you on board 😁

And when a specific type of collaborator becomes evidently necessary, I will post details here!

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